Cady Vishniac Introduction | The MFA Years

In spring of 2012, I re-enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the school I had dropped out of in 2007 and again in 2010. I was twenty-six, not quite divorced yet, and about eight months pregnant at the time. I remember I had to meet with the one of the staff members who ran my school’s orientation, so that I could talk him into letting me skip out on it. I just didn’t see myself dragging a newborn into the auditorium and running through a series of meet-and-greet exercises with teenage freshmen. … READ MORE

Cady Vishniac Introduction | The MFA Years

Author: Cady Vishniac

MFA, Distinguished University Fellowship. Endelman/Gitelman Fellow University of Michigan, English and Judaic Studies, Translation Fellow at Yiddish Book Center. Translation forthcoming in LA Review. Fiction most recently in Glimmer Train and New England Review, contest winner in Ninth Letter, Mid-American Review, and others. Collected in New Stories from the Midwest. Been to Kenyon Review Workshops, Tent: Creative Writing, Vermont Studio Center. Editor for Raleigh Review, Reservoir.

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