Interview with Evgeniya Dame in New England Review

What is this rage and helplessness? What does it do to us? How can we do better, but not in a performative way that burdens the true victims in these situations? Neither I, nor Aleksy can answer that question, yet. We’re just exploring. I think the only way out is through. … READ MORE

Interview with Evgeniya Dame in New England Review

Justice Is a Myth | Joyland Magazine

I’m a shad, or a שד, plural שדים. I render toxic any food humans leave under the bed; I used to have an eye in my heart and live in the roots of sorb trees. One moment I suckled on the teat of my mother לילית, who is also called Lilith, in גהנום. The next moment I was in the parking lot of a school in a state called Washington—a kind of school called a liberal arts college … READ MORE

Justice Is a Myth | Joyland Magazine

What a Ghost Can Do | Cincinnati Review

A part of the ghost still dwells in the void around which the skin of my stomach wrinkles, breached like waves, plasma soft. She sleeps in my bed and worms her head toward my neck. My hair is thin on the pillow; the ghost’s hair is thick and curly … READ MORE

What a Ghost Can Do | Cincinnati Review

M | Baltimore Review

M listens to a radio special about child psychopaths while his wife sits in the passenger seat with her earbuds in, listening to her cheering-up music. They’re coming from Jordan’s middle school, which just opened for summer classes. The kid carried on like it was a labor camp, repeating that he may have gotten straight Cs, but he’d technically graduated eighth grade, hadn’t he? As he walked toward the building, Jordan flipped his parents the bird … READ MORE

M | Baltimore Review

Girls Girls Girls | Salamander

Elkie trusts Don absolutely. He’s a cross between a boyfriend and a father, though Elkie knows boyfriends and fathers aren’t supposed to be the same thing, and he’s not at all like a regular client. But then one Sunday he doesn’t show up … READ MORE

Girls Girls Girls | Salamander