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Elkie trusts Don absolutely. He’s a cross between a boyfriend and a father, though Elkie knows boyfriends and fathers aren’t supposed to be the same thing, and he’s not at all like a regular client. But then one Sunday he doesn’t show up. She knocks on the door of his usual room at the Radisson by John Glenn International and doesn’t hear the familiar plodding of Don’s feet, his gravelly voice telling her to hold her horses. She texts him, Are you here? I have that spring break thing at seven. She counts to ten, then twenty. She is sweating into a bustier-and-panties set by Agent Provocateur. Don fails to appear. … READ MORE

Girls Girls Girls | Salamander Magazine



MJ Santiago
Aria Aber
Megan Leonard
Justin Carter
Brianna Flavin
Jeremy Radin
Francisco Márquez
Mallory Bass
Kristine Sloan
Rebecca Aronson
Leila Chatti
María Cristina Hall
Betty Stanton
Luis Lopez-Maldonado
Laura Esposto


Kristen Hadley
Ethan Leonard
Shelley Senai
Malka Older
Marlin M. Jenkins
Krys Belc
Nghiem Tran
Natalie Lima


Samuel Hovda
Devin Kelly
Dani Rado


Madeline Gobbo (feature)
Michelle Kingdom (feature)
Maggie Chiang (feature)
Didem Mert
Lisa Play
Alex Stolis

Reservoir | Issue Two